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Hide chapter list if not logged in

parent 1b16e796
...@@ -30,27 +30,29 @@ ...@@ -30,27 +30,29 @@
<div class="col-xs-12" style="padding: 0px"> <div class="col-xs-12" style="padding: 0px">
{{ player(lecture, videos) }} {{ player(lecture, videos) }}
</div> </div>
<div class="col-xs-12" style="padding-top: 10px;"> {% if ismod() %}
<p>Kapitel:</p> <div class="col-xs-12" style="padding-top: 10px;">
<table class="table table-hover"> <p>Kapitel:</p>
<tr> <table class="table table-hover">
<th>Index</th> <tr>
<th>Start</th> <th>Index</th>
<th>Kapitel</th> <th>Start</th>
<th>Sichtbar</th> <th>Kapitel</th>
<th></th> <th>Sichtbar</th>
</tr> <th></th>
{% for c in chapters|sort(attribute='time') %} </tr>
<tr onclick="videojs('videoplayer').currentTime({{c['time']}})"> {% for c in chapters|sort(attribute='time') %}
<td>{{ loop.index }}</td> <tr onclick="videojs('videoplayer').currentTime({{c['time']}})">
<td>{{ vtttime(c['time']) }}</td> <td>{{ loop.index }}</td>
<td>{{ moderator_editor(['chapters',,'text'],c['text']) }}</td> <td>{{ vtttime(c['time']) }}</td>
<td>{{ moderator_checkbox(['chapters',,'visible'], c.visible) }}</td> <td>{{ moderator_editor(['chapters',,'text'],c['text']) }}</td>
<td>{{ moderator_delete(['chapters',,'deleted']) }}</td> <td>{{ moderator_checkbox(['chapters',,'visible'], c.visible) }}</td>
</tr> <td>{{ moderator_delete(['chapters',,'deleted']) }}</td>
{% endfor %} </tr>
</table> {% endfor %}
</div> </table>
{% endif %}
</div> </div>
</div> </div>
</div> </div>
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