Commit ed1b492d authored by Julian Rother's avatar Julian Rother
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Makefile: Correct calculation of filesystem.size

This should fix that the progress bar shows 100% for most of the installation

parent e2094e2b
......@@ -308,9 +308,8 @@ $(call gentargets,$(CHECKSUMS)) : $(call archdir,%)$(STATE_DIR)/rootfs_remastere
rootfs_fssize: $(ARCH_DIR)/filesystem.size
$(call gentargets,/filesystem.size) : $(call archdir,%)$(STATE_DIR)/rootfs_remastered
IN_BYTES=$$(du -s "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)"|cut -f1) && \
IN_SECTORS=$$(($$IN_BYTES * 512)) && \
echo $$IN_SECTORS > $(call archdir,$*)/filesystem.size
IN_BYTES=$$(du -sx --block-size=1 "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)"|cut -f1) && \
echo $$IN_BYTES > $(call archdir,$*)/filesystem.size
rootfs_deduplicate $(COMMON_DIR)$(STATE_DIR)/rootfs_deduplicated: $(PRIMARY_ARCH_DIR)$(CHECKSUMS) $(SECONDARY_ARCH_DIR)$(CHECKSUMS)
mkdir -p "$(COMMON_DIR)$(STATE_DIR)"
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