Commit db535aca authored by Andreas Valder's avatar Andreas Valder
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changed video preview; added cache to gitignore

parent c78dfd59
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ def query(operation, *params):
def index():
return render_template('index.html', latestvideos=query('''
SELECT lectures.*, max(videos.time_updated) AS lastvidtime, courses.downloadable, courses.title AS coursetitle
SELECT lectures.*, max(videos.time_updated) AS lastvidtime, courses.short, courses.downloadable, courses.title AS coursetitle
FROM lectures
LEFT JOIN videos ON (videos.lecture_id =
LEFT JOIN courses on ( = lectures.course_id)
......@@ -4,16 +4,16 @@
<a href="?view=player&amp;lectureid={{ lecture['id'] }}#content" title="{{ lecture['coursetitle'] }}">
<img class="col-xs-4" src="{{ lecture['titlefile'] }}" alt="Vorschaubild">
<div class="col-xs-4">
<span>{{ lecture['coursetitle'] }}</span>
<span>{{ lecture['time'] }}</span>
<p>{{ lecture['title'] }}</p>
<div class="col-xs-4">
<div class="comment">{{ lecture['comment'] }}</div>
<span style="color: #000;"><strong>{{ lecture['short'] }}</strong></span><br>
<span style="color: #000;">{{ lecture['time'] }}</span>
{% if lecture['speaker'] %}
<div class="comment">Gehalten von {{ lecture['speaker'] }} </div>
<div class="small" style="color: #000;">Gehalten von {{ lecture['speaker'] }} </div>
{% endif %}
<div class="col-xs-4" style="color: #000;">
<div class="comment" style="color: #000;">{{ lecture['comment'] }}</div>
<p style="font-style: italic; color: #777;">{{ lecture['title'] }}</p>
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