Commit 49055faf authored by Roman Karwacik's avatar Roman Karwacik
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Merge branch 'debug-moodle-auth-no-error' into 'master'

Format strings not supported in 3.5.3

See merge request !34
parents 8cc08c6c 62d9d655
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ def finish_oauth():
for course in data['Data']:
notify_admins('endpoint_exception', traceback=f"finish_oauth failed while getting moodle courses, data={str(data)}")
notify_admins('endpoint_exception', traceback="finish_oauth failed while getting moodle courses, data={}".format(str(data)))
del session['oauthscope']
oauthget('token', refresh_token=token['refresh_token'], grant_type='invalidate')
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