Commit 1d152578 authored by Julian Rother's avatar Julian Rother
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Implemented xmp-chapter extraction

parent 9d860562
from server import *
@job_handler('probe', 'probe-raw')
def import_xmp_chapters(jobid, jobtype, data, state, status):
if 'lecture_id' not in data and data.get('import-chapters', False):
times = set()
# Only add new chapters, deleted chapters are taken into account here
for chapter in query('SELECT * FROM chapters WHERE lecture_id = ?', data['lecture_id']):
for offset in range(5):
for chapter in status.get('xmp_chapters', []):
if int(chapter['time']) in times:
modify('INSERT INTO chapters (lecture_id, time, text, visible, time_created, time_updated) VALUES (?, ?, ?, 0, ?, ?)',
data['lecture_id'], int(chapter['time']), chapter['text'],,
@job_handler('probe', 'remux', 'transcode')
def update_video_metadata(jobid, jobtype, data, state, status):
if 'video_id' not in data:
if jobtype not in ['remux', 'transcode']:
video = query('SELECT * FROM videos WHERE id = ?', data['video_id'])[0]
if video['hash'] and video['hash'] != status['hash']:
print('Hash mismatch for video', data['video_id'])
modify('UPDATE videos_data SET hash = ?, file_size = ? WHERE id = ?',
status['hash'], status['filesize'], data['video_id'])
...@@ -470,6 +470,7 @@ if 'ICAL_URL' in config: ...@@ -470,6 +470,7 @@ if 'ICAL_URL' in config:
import meetings import meetings
import l2pauth import l2pauth
from jobs import job_handler, schedule_job from jobs import job_handler, schedule_job
import encoding
import timetable import timetable
import chapters import chapters
import icalexport import icalexport
...@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ def insert_video(lectureid,dbfilepath,filepath,fileformatid): ...@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ def insert_video(lectureid,dbfilepath,filepath,fileformatid):
lectureid, dbfilepath, fileformatid,,,, -1, os.stat(filepath).st_size) lectureid, dbfilepath, fileformatid,,,, -1, os.stat(filepath).st_size)
query('INSERT INTO sortlog (lecture_id,video_id,path,`when`) VALUES (?,?,?,?)', lectureid, video_id, dbfilepath, query('INSERT INTO sortlog (lecture_id,video_id,path,`when`) VALUES (?,?,?,?)', lectureid, video_id, dbfilepath,
schedule_thumbnail(lectureid) schedule_thumbnail(lectureid)
schedule_job('probe', {'path': dbfilepath, 'lecture_id': lectureid, 'import-chapters': True})
def schedule_thumbnail(lectureid, filePath=None): def schedule_thumbnail(lectureid, filePath=None):
videos = query(''' videos = query('''
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