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......@@ -10,11 +10,11 @@ You might find it useful in the following scenarios:
* You often need to change some signs in your organization.
* You're bored in the Fachschaftsbüro.
What you need:
What you need for this tool to unleash it's maximum potential:
* A printer on premise.
* Some kind of server, preferrably running a flavor of Linux, capable of printing
on said printer via lpd. A RaspberryPi would suffice, even if it's slow.
on said printer via lpd interface. A RaspberryPi would suffice, even if it's slow.
* Web clients of any type being able to connect to said server.
* The knowledge to modify a LaTeX template to fit your organizations design.
......@@ -57,8 +57,11 @@ Config
Modify the templates
In most cases, you just need to edit tex/support/header.tex and add your logo
in tex/support . After you changed it, you might want to run
In most cases, you just need to edit `tex/support/header.tex` and add your logo
in `tex/support`. A suitable test workflow might be recreating the same sign in
the webinterface while always saving under the same name.
After you're done with modifying the template, you might want to run
$ python --recreate-cache
......@@ -74,6 +77,26 @@ You need to have the config done. Then you could just start the server in debug
$ python
This will serve a webpage at http://localhost:5432/ for testing purposes.
General directory layout
├── schilder.wsgi
├── data (sign store: needs to be writable, recursively)
│   ├── cache (template preview cache)
│   ├── images (image store + thumbnail cache)
│   ├── pdf (pdf versions of all signs, including thumbnails)
│   └── upload (image upload handler temp dir, non-empty only after errors)
├── static (static web UI files)
├── templates (web UI HTML templates)
└── tex (strictly LaTeX sign templates only)
└── support (everything your LaTeX template needs: includes, macros, logo files, ...)
Webserver Deployment
Supports Markdown
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