Commit c2e4a969 authored by Robin Sonnabend's avatar Robin Sonnabend
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Fix remind finishing task

parent 6eb0583d
......@@ -673,10 +673,10 @@ def send_reminder_async(reminder_id, protocol_id):
reminder_text, reply_to=protocol.protocoltype.private_mail)
def remind_finishing(protocol, delay_days, min_delay_days):
remind_finishing.delay(, delay_days, min_delay_days)
remind_finishing_async.delay(, delay_days, min_delay_days)
def remind_finishing(protocol_id, delay_days, min_delay_days):
def remind_finishing_async(protocol_id, delay_days, min_delay_days):
with app.app_context():
protocol = Protocol.query.filter_by(id=protocol_id).first()
mail_text = render_template("remind-finishing-mail.txt",
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