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Update README and fix spelling in configproxy

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......@@ -38,20 +38,22 @@ Steps:
1. clone the [repository](
2. create a python virtualenv and install the packages from `requirements.txt` there
3. create a database (tested with postgres and sqlite, but feel free to use whatever you like and [SQLAlchemy]( supports
4. copy `` to `` and edit it
* **do** change everything commented with `change this`
* do **not** change the lines commented with `do not change`
4. create `` with `flask create_example_config` and edit it
* **do** change everything that is not commented out
* change commented out settings if they are wrong
* **do** change the random keys `SECRET_KEY` and `SECURITY_KEY` to something random (although the generated config already uses random values generated with `os.urandom`)
* deactivate unwanted features with `SOMETHING_ACTIVE = False`
* if you want to use a feature, set the connection configuration lines accordingly
* define a list of authentication backends (usually one):
- use LdapManager for slapd
- use ADManager for Samba
- write your own for anything else (see ``, just the methods `authenticate` and `groups` are required)
* define the available printers (if wanted) with a list of options they should use (see lpoptions)
* if you do not know what a MediaWiki-domain is, you probably don't need it
- write your own for anything else (see `common/`, the methods `authenticate`, `groups` and `all_groups` are required)
* *MAIL* requires an SMTP(S) server, optionally with STARTTLS or TLS
* *PRINTING* requires a CUPS printserver
* *ETHERPAD* requires an etherpad installation
* *WIKI* requires a MediaWiki or DokuWiki installation
* *CALENDAR* requires a CalDAV server
* fix the path to the fonts (and select which to use)
* most points should be documented in the example config
5. create the database schema with `./ db upgrade`
5. create the database schema with `flask db upgrade`
6. configure your server to run the wsgi-application and the celery-server
* if you use systemd, example service files are located in `example-config/` in this repository
7. configure your webserver to serve the wsgi-application
......@@ -730,7 +730,7 @@ CONFIG_SECTIONS = [
required=False, internal=False,
"define multiple LaTeX-templates to use with a each "
"protocol type individually overiding the general LATEX "
"protocol type individually overriding the general LATEX "
"options the LATEX_LOCAL_TEMPLATES parameter is need to "
"provide the path for the templates each template must "
"be placed in an individual folder named by its ID in "
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