Commit a8125ec6 authored by Robin Sonnabend's avatar Robin Sonnabend
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Enabled recursive group membership in AD

/close #144
parent cf1b5e99
......@@ -115,12 +115,17 @@ class ADManager:
obj_def = ldap3.ObjectDef("user", connection)
name_filter = "cn:={}".format(username)
user_reader = ldap3.Reader(connection, obj_def, self.user_dn, name_filter)
group_def = ldap3.ObjectDef("group", connection)
def _yield_recursive_groups(group_dn):
group_reader = ldap3.Reader(connection, group_def, group_dn, None)
for entry in
for child in entry.memberOf:
yield from _yield_recursive_groups(child)
for result in
for group_dn in result.memberOf:
group_dn_parts = parse_dn(group_dn)
if len(group_dn_parts) >= 1:
key, group, next_char = group_dn_parts[0]
yield group
yield from _yield_recursive_groups(group_dn)
def all_groups(self):
connection = self.prepare_connection()
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