Commit 59d5ac1c authored by markus scheller's avatar markus scheller
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Umstellen auf die neue Funktion in der LaTeX-Klasse: \Beschluss

parent d40c31c2
......@@ -221,12 +221,10 @@ class Tag:
return ""
return self.todo.render_latex(current_protocol=protocol)
elif == "beschluss":
parts = [r"\textbf{{Beschluss:}} {}".format(self.decision.content)]
if len(self.decision.categories):
return " ".join(parts)
return r"\Beschluss[{}]{{{}}}".format(self.decision.get_categories_str(),self.decision.content)
return r"\Beschluss{{{}}}".format(self.decision.content)
elif == "footnote":
return r"\footnote{{{}}}".format(self.values[0])
return r"\textbf{{{}:}} {}".format(escape_tex(, escape_tex(";".join(self.values)))
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