Commit 00ede38d authored by Robin Sonnabend's avatar Robin Sonnabend
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Improved search

parent 54099ad5
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from flask_script import Manager, prompt
from flask_migrate import Migrate, MigrateCommand
#from flask_socketio import SocketIO
from celery import Celery
from sqlalchemy import or_, and_
from io import StringIO, BytesIO
import os
from datetime import datetime
......@@ -297,24 +298,74 @@ def list_protocols():
if search_term is not None: = search_term
protocol_query = Protocol.query
if search_term is not None:
match_target = Protocol.content_public
if protocoltype is not None and protocoltype.has_private_view_right(user):
match_target = Protocol.content_private
for term in split_terms(search_term):
protocol_query = protocol_query.filter(match_target.match("%{}%".format(term)))
shall_search = search_term is not None and len(search_term.strip()) > 0
search_terms = []
if shall_search:
search_terms = list(map(str.lower, split_terms(search_term)))
for term in search_terms:
protocol_query = protocol_query.filter(or_(
protocols = [
protocol for protocol in protocol_query.all()
if (not is_logged_in and protocol.protocoltype.is_public)
or (is_logged_in and (
protocol.protocoltype.public_group in user.groups
or protocol.protocoltype.private_group in user.groups))]
def _matches_search(content):
content = content.lower()
for search_term in search_terms:
if search_term.lower() not in content:
return False
return True
def _matches_search_lazy(content):
content = content.lower()
for search_term in search_terms:
if search_term.lower() in content:
return True
return False
search_results = {} if shall_search else None
if protocoltype_id is not None and protocoltype_id != -1:
protocols = [
protocol for protocol in protocols
if == protocoltype_id
protocols = sorted(protocols, key=lambda protocol:, reverse=True)
if shall_search:
protocols = [
protocol for protocol in protocols
if (protocol.protocoltype.has_private_view_right(user)
and _matches_search(protocol.content_private))
or (protocol.protocoltype.has_public_view_right(user)
and _matches_search(protocol.content_public))
for protocol in protocols:
content = protocol.content_private if protocol.protocoltype.has_private_view_right(user) else protocol.content_public
lines = content.splitlines()
matches = [line for line in lines if _matches_search_lazy(line)]
formatted_lines = []
for line in matches:
parts = []
lower_line = line.lower()
last_index = 0
while last_index < len(line):
index_candidates = list(filter(lambda t: t[0] != -1,
[(lower_line.find(term, last_index), term) for term in search_terms]))
if len(index_candidates) == 0:
parts.append((line[last_index:], False))
new_index, term = min(index_candidates, key=lambda t: t[0])
new_end_index = new_index + len(term)
parts.append((line[last_index:new_index], False))
parts.append((line[new_index:new_end_index], True))
last_index = new_end_index
"<b>{}</b>".format(text) if matched else text
for text, matched in parts
search_results[protocol] = "<br />\n".join(formatted_lines)
protocols = sorted(protocols, key=lambda protocol:, reverse=True)
page = _get_page()
page_count = int(math.ceil(len(protocols)) / config.PAGE_LENGTH)
if page >= page_count:
......@@ -322,7 +373,7 @@ def list_protocols():
begin_index = page * config.PAGE_LENGTH
end_index = (page + 1) * config.PAGE_LENGTH
protocols = protocols[begin_index:end_index]
protocols_table = ProtocolsTable(protocols)
protocols_table = ProtocolsTable(protocols, search_results=search_results)
return render_template("protocols-list.html", protocols=protocols, protocols_table=protocols_table, search_form=search_form, page=page, page_count=page_count, page_diff=config.PAGE_DIFF, protocoltype_id=protocoltype_id, search_term=search_term)
@app.route("/protocol/new", methods=["GET", "POST"])
......@@ -48,14 +48,21 @@ class SingleValueTable:
return [self.row()]
class ProtocolsTable(Table):
def __init__(self, protocols):
def __init__(self, protocols, search_results=None):
super().__init__("Protokolle", protocols, newlink=url_for("new_protocol"))
self.search_results = search_results
def headers(self):
result = ["ID", "Sitzung", "Datum", "Status"]
optional_part = ["Typ", "Löschen"]
result = ["ID", "Sitzung", "Datum"]
state_part = ["Status"]
search_part = ["Suchergebnis"]
login_part = ["Typ", "Löschen"]
if self.search_results is None:
if check_login():
result += optional_part
return result
def row(self, protocol):
......@@ -64,8 +71,11 @@ class ProtocolsTable(Table):"show_protocol",, str(,"show_protocol",,,
"Fertig" if protocol.is_done() else "Geplant"
if self.search_results is None:
result.append("Fertig" if protocol.is_done() else "Geplant")
elif protocol in self.search_results:
if user is not None and protocol.protocoltype.has_private_view_right(user):
result.append("show_type",, protocol.protocoltype.short_name))
result.append("delete_protocol",, "Löschen", confirm="Bist du dir sicher, dass du das Protokoll {} löschen möchtest?".format(protocol.get_identifier())))
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