Commit fa5a83cb authored by OSAK Buildhauer's avatar OSAK Buildhauer
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Make output of unsquashfs less verbose

parent 01b348e2
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ mkdir -p "$workspace"/offlinerepo
mkdir -p "$dest"
7z e -so "$iso_file" casper/filesystem.squashfs > "$workspace"/offlinerepo/filesystem.squashfs
unsquashfs -no-xattrs -d "$workspace"/offlinerepo/squashfs-root "$workspace"/offlinerepo/filesystem.squashfs
unsquashfs -no-progress -no-xattrs -d "$workspace"/offlinerepo/squashfs-root "$workspace"/offlinerepo/filesystem.squashfs
source "$workspace/offlinerepo/squashfs-root/etc/lsb-release"
echo "deb $APT_SOURCE_URL_OVERRIDE ${DISTRIB_CODENAME} main restricted universe multiverse" > "$workspace/offlinerepo/squashfs-root/etc/apt/sources.list"
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