Commit 440851b3 authored by Julian Rother's avatar Julian Rother
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Renamed offlinerepo dir from archive to archives

parent c26d7e43
...@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ rm -rf "$workspace/part_files"/grub ...@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ rm -rf "$workspace/part_files"/grub
cp "$kubuntu" "$workspace/part_files/kubuntu.iso" cp "$kubuntu" "$workspace/part_files/kubuntu.iso"
cp "$xubuntu" "$workspace/part_files/xubuntu.iso" cp "$xubuntu" "$workspace/part_files/xubuntu.iso"
./ "$workspace/part_files/archive" "$kubuntu" $(grep '^[^#]' packages | cut -d'|' -f 2) ./ "$workspace/part_files/archives" "$kubuntu" $(grep '^[^#]' packages | cut -d'|' -f 2)
cp packages "$workspace/part_files/packages" cp packages "$workspace/part_files/packages"
rm -f "$workspace/part.img" rm -f "$workspace/part.img"
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