Commit ed788292 authored by Valentin Bruch's avatar Valentin Bruch
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latex makefile incl. beispieldokument

parent a9114093
......@@ -2,10 +2,18 @@
EXAMPLES = examples/2h_fake.pdf examples/tabular.pdf examples/figure.pdf examples/preamble.pdf
EXAMPLE_INPUTS = $(wildcard examples/*.tex)
ZETAS_TEX = $(shell for i in $$(seq 0 8); do echo beispieldokument/zeta_$$i.tex; done)
ZETAS_PDF = $(shell for i in $$(seq 0 8); do echo beispieldokument/zeta_$$i.pdf; done)
latex.pdf: latex.tex $(EXAMPLES) $(EXAMPLE_INPUTS)
latex.pdf: latex.tex $(EXAMPLES) $(EXAMPLE_INPUTS) $(ZETAS_PDF)
latexmk -lualatex latex.tex
cd beispieldokument;\
for i in $(shell seq 0 8); do \
latexmk -lualatex zeta_$$i.tex; \
notes.pdf: latex.tex $(EXAMPLES) $(EXAMPLE_INPUTS)
latexmk -lualatex notes.tex
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