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fixed bigs

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...@@ -231,9 +231,9 @@ Syntax von Umgebungen: ...@@ -231,9 +231,9 @@ Syntax von Umgebungen:
\end{tabular} \end{tabular}
\begin{itemize}[noitemsep] \begin{itemize}[noitemsep]
\item Klammern: $\texttt{\textbackslash big}\big($ \item Klammern: $\texttt{\textbackslash big}\big($
$\texttt{\textbackslash big}\Big($ $\texttt{\textbackslash Big}\Big($
$\texttt{\textbackslash big}\bigg($ $\texttt{\textbackslash bigg}\bigg($
$\texttt{\textbackslash big}\Bigg($ $\texttt{\textbackslash Bigg}\Bigg($
\item Automatisch: $\texttt{\textbackslash left( ... \textbackslash right)} \implies \left(\frac{a}{b}\right)$ \item Automatisch: $\texttt{\textbackslash left( ... \textbackslash right)} \implies \left(\frac{a}{b}\right)$
\item Andere Klammern: \verb|\left[|, \verb|\left\{|, \verb|\left<|, \verb;\left|; \item Andere Klammern: \verb|\left[|, \verb|\left\{|, \verb|\left<|, \verb;\left|;
\item Speziell \verb;\left.e^x\right|_{x=0}; $\implies\left.e^x\right|_{x=0}$ \item Speziell \verb;\left.e^x\right|_{x=0}; $\implies\left.e^x\right|_{x=0}$
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