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1. About
2. Requirements
3. HowTo
4. Tips
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In short: run
$ make WORKSPACE=/media/drivewithspace config
# make image
# make repo #build offline repository (optionally)
# make IMAGE_FILE=/somewhere/myfinalimage.img image_deploy
# make IMAGE_FILE=/somewhere/myfinalimage.img image_deploy_vmdk
where the first command should be executed as user (the owner of the lipck git)
and all others as root. /media/drivewhitspace should provide enough disk space
to store the basic isos, the extracted rootfs/initramfs, etc. (~40G should
suffice). image_deploy will assemble the final (raw) image. The last command
is optional again (note that IMAGE_FILE should have the same value as in the
previous line).
In practise, you may want to edit some configuration files/patches prior to
invoking make as described above:
- the most important config file is config/Makefile.conf where, among others,
the base iso can be configured. See config/examples for more details.
- contrib/rootfs/{hold_packages,pre_installed_packages*} lets you control the
packages that will be installed preinstalled in the rootfs.
- contrib/rootfs/offline_repo.json defines all packages available in the
offline repository.
- Files in contrib/rootfs/{modprobe.d,skel,sysctl.d} will be copied as is
to the corresponding folders in the rootfs.
- patches/{initrd,iso,rootfs} contains patches for the initramfs,
iso/images root, and the rootfs. Probably they have to be adapted for
new iso base images. Unfortunaly, version/iso specific patches are not
supported yet.
Lastly, you may want to spawn a shell in the rootfs being remastered with
# make rootfs_console
to debug stuff.
- If the rootfs_remaster target failed, it may the neccessary to execute the
next make command two times (the first time a dirty state will be discovered
and fixed).
- code executed in the rootfs is located in scripts/, you may need to execute
# make rootfs_finalize
to trigger a reload of this code.
Happy hacking!
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