Commit e4720e42 authored by Daniel Schulte's avatar Daniel Schulte

Bugfix: Properly handle /etc/resolv.conf.

On ubuntu this is a symlink which we didn't horor before and thus broke dns in the installed image.
parent 5bba76f1
......@@ -110,12 +110,12 @@ $(call gentargets,$(STATE_DIR)/rootfs_prepared) : $(call archdir,%)$(STATE_DIR)/
test ! -e "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/remaster/"
if [ -e "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf" ]; \
then \
cp "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf" "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf.bak"; \
cp -a --remove-destination "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf" "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf.bak"; \
echo "#!/bin/bash" > "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/usr/sbin/init.lxc"
echo "shift; exec \$$@" >> "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/usr/sbin/init.lxc"
chmod +x "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/usr/sbin/init.lxc"
cp /etc/resolv.conf "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf"
cp -a --remove-destination /etc/resolv.conf "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/resolv.conf"
mkdir -p "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/remaster"
cp -Lr "$(CURDIR)"/config/copy_to_rootfs_remaster_dir/* "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/remaster"
echo "#!/bin/bash" > "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/remaster/"
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