Commit 994591da authored by Daniel Schulte's avatar Daniel Schulte
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Make sure apt-cdrom ignores the offline repository

parent 02425cac
......@@ -599,6 +599,7 @@ $(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$(call altarch,$(PRIMARY_ARCH))/Packages.bz2 $(REPO_DIST
$(call ensure_mount,repo_metadata) : $(REPO_ARCHIVE_DIR)/Release
$(REPO_ARCHIVE_DIR)/Release : $(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$(call altarch,$(PRIMARY_ARCH))/Packages.bz2 $(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$(call altarch,$(SECONDARY_ARCH))/Packages.bz2
mkdir -p "$(REPO_ARCHIVE_DIR)"
touch "$(REPO_ARCHIVE_DIR)"/.aptignr
echo "Origin: Ubuntu" > "$(REPO_ARCHIVE_DIR)"/Release
echo "Label: LIP Ubuntu Extra Packages" \
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