Commit 8d23380f authored by osak buildhauer user's avatar osak buildhauer user
parents 8f182a15 93a38842
......@@ -595,7 +595,7 @@ $(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$(call altarch,$(PRIMARY_ARCH))/Packages.bz2 $(REPO_DIST
>> "$(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$*/Release"
&& cat Packages.noarch "Packages.$*" | bzip2 -c9 > "$(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$*/Packages.bz2"
&& cat Packages.noarch "Packages.$*" > "$(REPO_DIST_DIR)/binary-$*/Packages.bz2"
#The following rules requires none of its dependencies. However, it writes a timestamp to the metadata
#that should always be "newer" than the dependencies.
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