Commit 84b9e2b3 authored by osak buildhauer user's avatar osak buildhauer user
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Make KDE configration global

This way, the 'Desktop' activity will get created because KDE doesn't
consider itself already configured.
parent 3e8c02c0
......@@ -245,8 +245,9 @@ ifneq ($(strip $(APT_SOURCE_URL_OVERRIDE)),)
#set timezone
echo -n "Europe/Berlin" > "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/timezone"
#install skel files (in particular kde defaults)
cp -R "$(CURDIR)/contrib/rootfs/skel" "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/"
#install system wide xdg files (in particular kde defaults)
mkdir -p "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/xdg"
cp -R "$(CURDIR)/contrib/rootfs/xdg/*" "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/xdg"
#install modprobe.d files
cp "$(CURDIR)/contrib/rootfs/modprobe.d/"* "$(call archdir,$*)$(ROOTFS)/etc/modprobe.d/"
#install sysctl.d files
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