Commit 7f806d7c authored by Christopher Spinrath's avatar Christopher Spinrath
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image: split image_skel_file

image_skel_file will now create a partition image (with FAT fs)
while the new image_assemble target will create a proper device
image from this partition (in particular, it adds a partition table).

This allows us to mount the partition and deploy the finished
image to a custom location in the end.
parent 1fb9d23c
......@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ ISO_IMAGE=$(ISO_IMAGE_DEST)/image.iso
ifneq (,$(findstring release-prefix,$(ISO_PATTERN_FLAGS)))
......@@ -374,17 +376,23 @@ image_content: image_git_pull $(IMAGE_DIR)/.remastered $(IMAGE_DIR)/grub/lipinfo
@echo "Image content is ready: $(IMAGE_DIR)"
image_skel_file: | $(WORKSPACE)
truncate -s "$(IMAGE_PART_SIZE)" "$(IMAGE_FILE)".part
mkfs.vfat -n "$(IMAGE_PART_LABEL)" "$(IMAGE_FILE)".part
ddrescue --output-position=2048 --sparse "$(IMAGE_FILE)".part "$(IMAGE_FILE)"
image_skel_file: $(IMAGE_PART_FILE)
truncate -s "$(IMAGE_PART_SIZE)" "$@"
mkfs.vfat -n "$(IMAGE_PART_LABEL)" "$@"
@echo "Image partition skeleton is ready: $@"
image_assemble: $(IMAGE_FILE)
ddrescue --output-position=2048 --sparse "$(IMAGE_PART_FILE)" "$@"
#sfdisk: start, as large as possible, FAT, bootable
echo -e "label: dos\nunit: sectors\n2048,+,b,*"\
| sfdisk "$(IMAGE_FILE)"
| sfdisk "$@"
@echo "Image skeleton is ready: $(IMAGE_FILE)"
@echo "You may want to mount appropriately (e.g. with kpartx) to $(IMAGE_DIR) and execute \"make image\""
@echo "Image is ready: $@"
image_grub_lipinfo : $(IMAGE_DIR)/grub/lipinfo.cfg
$(IMAGE_DIR)/grub/lipinfo.cfg : | $(WORKSPACE)
......@@ -503,7 +511,7 @@ ROOTFS_PHONY=rootfs_unsquash rootfs_prepare rootfs_remaster rootfs_finalize root
INITRD_PHONY=initrd_unpack initrd_remaster initrd_pack initrd_clean initrd_clean_both
APT_CACHE_PHONY=apt_cache apt_cache_clean
REPO_PHONY=repo repo_packages repo_package_info repo_metadata repo_clean
IMAGE_PHONY=image image_content image_skel_file image_remaster image_git image_git_pull image_binary_files image_grub_lipinfo
IMAGE_PHONY=image image_content image_skel_file image_assemble image_remaster image_git image_git_pull image_binary_files image_grub_lipinfo
COMMON_PHONY=help workspace config config_clean clean_really_all
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