Commit 0685d048 authored by Daniel Schulte's avatar Daniel Schulte

Added workaround for checking out lipstick git into non empty filesystem image

parent be41824d
......@@ -205,9 +205,12 @@ $(call gentargets,$(INITRD_TARGET)) : $(call archdir,%)$(STATE_DIR)/initrd_remas
cd "$(call archdir,$*)$(INITRD)" && find | cpio -H newc -o | lzma -z > "$(call archdir,$*)$(INITRD_TARGET)"
image_git $(IMAGE_DIR)/.git: |$(WORKSPACE)
mkdir -p "$(IMAGE_DIR)"
test ! -e "$(IMAGE_DIR)/.git"
cd "$(IMAGE_DIR)" && git clone "$(IMAGE_GIT_URL)" .
mkdir -p "$(IMAGE_DIR)"
cd "$(IMAGE_DIR)" && git init
cd "$(IMAGE_DIR)" && git remote add origin "$(IMAGE_GIT_URL)"
cd "$(IMAGE_DIR)" && git fetch
cd "$(IMAGE_DIR)" && git checkout -t "origin/$(IMAGE_GIT_BRANCH)"
image_git_pull: |$(IMAGE_DIR)/.git
cd "$(IMAGE_DIR)" && $(SHELL) ./scripts/ "$(IMAGE_GIT_BRANCH)"
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