Commit 27bc4a46 authored by Hinrikus Wolf's avatar Hinrikus Wolf

add patch for rbd cache support

parent e1a9ff2e
......@@ -30,6 +30,13 @@ It boils down to the following steps:
At least according to my zsh history.
If you are building from an already changed version, but without that particular changelog, use:
- `dch --auto-nmr --newversion $newversion`
Ideally, you copy the old changelog to the new one. Look up the old version number!
Add "Non-maintainer upload." manually to your list of changes.
## Patch Details
......@@ -51,3 +58,10 @@ Removes block devices from lists of mirrored and movable devices. This prevents
This may not solve the general case, but is makes it compatible with our usage.
### `add_rbd_cache_support.patch`
Add caching support for rbd devices. This was disabled for arbritrary external storage.
But this does not make sense for rbd.
Index: ganeti-2.15.2/lib/hypervisor/hv_kvm/
--- ganeti-2.15.2.orig/lib/hypervisor/hv_kvm/
+++ ganeti-2.15.2/lib/hypervisor/hv_kvm/
@@ -921,12 +921,13 @@ class KVMHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervis
disk_cache = up_hvp[constants.HV_DISK_CACHE]
for cfdev, link_name, uri in kvm_disks:
if cfdev.dev_type in constants.DTS_EXT_MIRROR:
- if disk_cache != "none":
+ if disk_cache != "none" and cfdev.dev_type != "rbd":
# TODO: make this a hard error, instead of a silent overwrite
logging.warning("KVM: overriding disk_cache setting '%s' with 'none'"
" to prevent shared storage corruption on migration",
- cache_val = ",cache=none"
+ disk_cache = "none"
+ cache_val = ",cache=%s" % disk_cache
elif disk_cache != constants.HT_CACHE_DEFAULT:
cache_val = ",cache=%s" % disk_cache
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