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Remove old schrank web config

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app_name: schrank
app_user: schrankweb
app_group: schrankweb
app_home: /var/www/schrank
app_path: /var/www/schrank
app_python_version: 2
app_venv: ''
app_program: main/
app_callable: application
app_command: ''
app_mountpoint: /
app_mules: 0
app_enable_threads: false
app_uwsgi_options: []
app_service_env: []
# There is a mysql database named schrank, but it is unmanaged by ansible.
app_db_type: ''
app_db_name: ''
app_deploy_key: "{{ inventory_dir }}/files/deploy-keys/schrank"
app_git_url: ""
app_git_version: HEAD
# There is no requirements.txt file and no other documentation (e.g. venv)
# on needed software. The settings (including secret_key and db password)
# are also checked into the repository.
app_requirements_file: ''
app_config_file: ''
app_secret_config: false
app_secret_config_keys: []
app_additional_software: []
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