Commit 35c5af5a authored by Robin Sonnabend's avatar Robin Sonnabend
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Ensure the kernel key storage quote is not reached, so idmapping works

parent 658b3d7e
......@@ -9,3 +9,6 @@
- name: reload sysfs.conf
service: name=sysfsutils state=restarted
- name: reload sysctl
command: sysctl -p
......@@ -39,6 +39,15 @@
- sysfs
- config
- name: ensure the kernel key storage quote used for idmapping is sufficiently high
sysctl: name=kernel.keys.root_maxkeys state=present value=1000 # default is 200, this quote was reached
- reload sysctl
- nfs-client
- sysctl
- config
# makes life much easier to have an automounter and not /etc/fstab
- name: ensure automounter is installed
apt: name=autofs state=latest
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