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Bullseye Compatibility

Lars Beckers requested to merge bullseye into master


  • apt: Add version safeguard for bullseye's name of the security dist.
  • shell/sudo: The includedir config directive has changed to not look like a comment.
  • shell: Adapt Debian version safeguard to consider testing as higher than any released version. 🚧
  • basic-system: Make the sysctl file configurable, so that one may leave the distribution provided default intact. 📦
  • basic-system/logrotate: Adapt config file to bullseye's default one. 📝
  • basic-system/journal: The journal will be persistent by default on bullseye. We will need to consider to remove our package in the future. 📚
  • basic-system/journal: Couldn't hold off fixing the name of journal_persitent_with_package to journal_persistent_with_package. Breaking Change! (@hinrikus)
  • basic-system/rsyslog: Removed support for jessie and thus configuration of rsyslog in this role. This simplifies the role quiet a bit. 🔥
  • ssh-server: Use the new drop-in configuration facility provided on bullseye. 💎
  • ssh-server: Updated the ssh_strong_crypto configuration option's meaning on bullseye to coincide with some SSH Hardening Guide's Ubuntu 20.04 recommendations that seem reasonable to me. 🔒

I did not add usrmerge to basic-system, although we should use it on every updated system (new systems use the new layout by default). What do you think?

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