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Added the logic for the template selection process and the example configuration setup

close #170
parent 094f2e0f
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ LATEX_BULLETPOINTS = [
# optional: path to additional jinja-templates
# optional: path to additional jinja-templates, will be need in combination with LATEX_TEMPLATES
#LATEX_LOCAL_TEMPLATES = "local-templates"
# optional: the template to include at the top of protocol.tex
#LATEX_LOGO_TEMPLATE = "asta-logo.tex"
......@@ -184,17 +184,20 @@ LATEX_BULLETPOINTS = [
#LATEX_ADDITIONAL_PACKAGES = ["[absolute]{textpos}", "{fancyheadings}"]
# optional: include header and footer in asta-style, not just a page number on top
# optional: define multiple LaTeX-templates to use with a each protocol type individually
# optional: define multiple LaTeX-templates to use with a each protocol type individually overiding the general LATEX options
# the LATEX_LOCAL_TEMPLATES parameter is need to provide the path for the templates
# each template must be placed in an individual folder named by its ID in LATEX_TEMPLATES and must contain the provided template files: e.g.
# - the files for the template "yourtemplate" need to be in the folder named "yourtemplate"
# - the templates provides the files: "protokoll2.cls" (class), "protocol.tex" (protocol), "decision.tex" (decision) and "asta-logo.tex"
# "yourtemplate": {
# "name": "Dein Template",
# "path": "local-templates/yourtemplate",
# "logo": "asta-logo.tex",
# "geometry": "bottom=1.6cm,top=1.6cm,inner=2.5cm,outer=1.0cm,footskip=1.0cm,headsep=0.6cm",
# "pagestyle": "fancy",
# "additionalpackages": ["[absolute]{textpos}", "{fancyheadings}"],
# "headerfooter": True
# "provides": ["class", "protocol", "decision"], # optional: if this option is set the corresponding files must be provided
# "logo": "asta-logo.tex", # optional: replaces the general template to include at the top of protocol.tex set by LATEX_LOGO_TEMPLATE
# "geometry": "bottom=1.6cm,top=1.6cm,inner=2.5cm,outer=1.0cm,footskip=1.0cm,headsep=0.6cm", # optional: replaces the general protocol page geometry set by LATEX_GEOMETRY
# "pagestyle": "fancy", # optional: replaces the general protocol pagestyle set by LATEX_PAGESTYLE
# "additionalpackages": ["[absolute]{textpos}", "{fancyheadings}"], # optional: replaces the general latex packages set by LATEX_ADDITIONAL_PACKAGES
# "headerfooter": True # optional: replaces the general LATEX_HEADER_FOOTER option
# }
......@@ -57,6 +57,48 @@ if latex_pagestyle is not None and latex_pagestyle:
texenv.globals["latex_pagestyle"] = latex_pagestyle
latex_header_footer = getattr(config, "LATEX_HEADER_FOOTER", False)
texenv.globals["latex_header_footer"] = latex_header_footer
latex_templates = getattr(config, "LATEX_TEMPLATES", None)
def provide_latex_template(template, documenttype):
_latex_template_documenttype_filename = {
"class": "protokoll2.cls",
"protocol": "protocol.tex",
"decision": "decision.tex"
_latex_template_filename = _latex_template_documenttype_filename[documenttype]
_latex_template_foldername = ""
if logo_template is not None:
texenv.globals["logo_template"] = logo_template
texenv.globals["latex_geometry"] = latex_geometry
texenv.globals["additional_packages"] = additional_packages
if latex_pagestyle is not None and latex_pagestyle:
texenv.globals["latex_pagestyle"] = latex_pagestyle
elif "latex_pagestyle" in texenv.globals:
del texenv.globals["latex_pagestyle"]
texenv.globals["latex_header_footer"] = latex_header_footer
if (latex_templates is not None) and (template is not ""):
if template in latex_templates:
if "provides" in latex_templates[template]:
_latex_template_foldername = (template + "/") if documenttype in latex_templates[template]["provides"] else ""
if "logo" in latex_templates[template]:
texenv.globals["logo_template"] = template + "/" + latex_templates[template]["logo"]
if "geometry" in latex_templates[template]:
texenv.globals["latex_geometry"] = latex_templates[template]["geometry"]
if "pagestyle" in latex_templates[template]:
if latex_templates[template]["pagestyle"]:
texenv.globals["latex_pagestyle"] = latex_templates[template]["pagestyle"]
if "additionalpackages" in latex_templates[template]:
_raw_additional_packages = latex_templates[template]["additionalpackages"]
_additional_packages = []
if _raw_additional_packages is not None:
for _package in _raw_additional_packages:
if "{" not in _package:
_package = "{{{}}}".format(_package)
texenv.globals["additional_packages"] = _additional_packages
if "headerfooter" in latex_templates[template]:
texenv.globals["latex_header_footer"] = latex_templates[template]["headerfooter"]
return _latex_template_foldername + _latex_template_filename
mailenv = app.create_jinja_environment()
mailenv.trim_blocks = True
......@@ -370,7 +412,7 @@ def parse_protocol_async_inner(protocol, encoded_kwargs):
decisions_to_render.append((decision, decision_tag))
for decision, decision_tag in decisions_to_render:
decision_top = decision_tag.fork.get_top()
decision_content = texenv.get_template("decision.tex").render(
decision_content = texenv.get_template(provide_latex_template(protocol.protocoltype.latex_template, "decision")).render(
render_type=RenderType.latex, decision=decision,
protocol=protocol, top=decision_top, show_private=True)
maxdepth = decision_top.get_maxdepth()
......@@ -458,7 +500,7 @@ def parse_protocol_async_inner(protocol, encoded_kwargs):
render_type=RenderType.html, show_private=False, **public_render_kwargs)
for show_private in privacy_states:
latex_source = texenv.get_template("protocol.tex").render(
latex_source = texenv.get_template(provide_latex_template(protocol.protocoltype.latex_template, "protocol")).render(
......@@ -558,7 +600,7 @@ def compile_async(content, protocol_id, show_private=False, use_decision=False,
log_filename = "protocol.log"
with open(os.path.join(compile_dir, protocol_source_filename), "w") as source_file:
protocol2_class_source = texenv.get_template(protocol_class_filename).render(fonts=config.FONTS, maxdepth=maxdepth, bulletpoints=config.LATEX_BULLETPOINTS)
protocol2_class_source = texenv.get_template(provide_latex_template(protocol.protocoltype.latex_template, "class")).render(fonts=config.FONTS, maxdepth=maxdepth, bulletpoints=config.LATEX_BULLETPOINTS)
with open(os.path.join(compile_dir, protocol_class_filename), "w") as protocol2_class_file:
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