Verified Commit 7359c31f authored by Robin Sonnabend's avatar Robin Sonnabend
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Try handling new etherpad version

parent 51b7f35b
......@@ -153,10 +153,11 @@ def set_etherpad_text(pad, text, only_if_default=True):
if only_if_default:
current_text = get_etherpad_text(pad).strip()
if (current_text != config.EMPTY_ETHERPAD.strip()
and "<pre>Cannot GET /p" not in current_text
and len(current_text) > 0):
return False
file_like = BytesIO(text.encode("utf-8"))
files = {"file": file_like}
files = {"file": ("content.txt", file_like, "text/plain")}
url = get_etherpad_import_url(pad)
req =, files=files)
return req.status_code == 200
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