Commit 1520fe6c authored by Robin Sonnabend's avatar Robin Sonnabend
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Move protect_csrf and db_lookup to common-web

parent 7879d04d
Subproject commit 3dfc2b71eb6a7e0746fe8794854f739c3305587b
Subproject commit c7eac74cf1f7e03b06f255cfd01e54162a2b9631
from flask import request, flash, abort
from functools import wraps
from hmac import compare_digest
from flask import flash
from models.database import ALL_MODELS
from shared import current_user
from utils import get_csrf_token
from common import back
ID_KEY = "id"
KEY_NOT_PRESENT_MESSAGE = "Missing {}_id."
OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST_MESSAGE = "There is no {} with id {}."
MISSING_VIEW_RIGHT = "Dir fehlenden die nötigen Zugriffsrechte."
def default_redirect():
return back.redirect()
......@@ -23,29 +15,7 @@ def login_redirect():
return back.redirect("login")
def db_lookup(*models, check_exists=True):
def _decorator(function):
def _decorated_function(*args, **kwargs):
for model in models:
key = model.__model_name__
id_key = "{}_{}".format(key, ID_KEY)
if id_key not in kwargs:
flash(KEY_NOT_PRESENT_MESSAGE.format(key), "alert-error")
return default_redirect()
obj_id = kwargs[id_key]
obj = model.query.filter_by(id=obj_id).first()
if check_exists and obj is None:
model_name = model.__class__.__name__
model_name, obj_id),
return default_redirect()
kwargs[key] = obj
return function(*args, **kwargs)
return _decorated_function
return _decorator
MISSING_VIEW_RIGHT = "Dir fehlenden die nötigen Zugriffsrechte."
def require_right(right, require_exist):
......@@ -92,14 +62,3 @@ def require_publish_right(require_exist=True):
def require_admin_right(require_exist=True):
return require_right("admin", require_exist)
def protect_csrf(function):
def _decorated_function(*args, **kwargs):
token = request.args.get("csrf_token")
true_token = get_csrf_token()
if token is None or not compare_digest(token, true_token):
return function(*args, **kwargs)
return _decorated_function
......@@ -31,9 +31,8 @@ from shared import (
from utils import (
get_first_unused_int, get_etherpad_text, split_terms, optional_int_arg,
fancy_join, footnote_hash, get_git_revision, get_max_page_length_exp,
get_internal_filename, get_csrf_token, get_current_ip)
get_internal_filename, get_current_ip)
from decorators import (
db_lookup, protect_csrf,
require_private_view_right, require_modify_right, require_publish_right,
from models.database import (
......@@ -56,6 +55,9 @@ from views.tables import (
TodoMailsTable, DefaultMetasTable, DecisionCategoriesTable)
from legacy import import_old_todos, import_old_protocols, import_old_todomails
from common import back
from common.csrf import protect_csrf, get_csrf_token
from common.database import db_lookup
app = Flask(__name__)
from flask import request, session
from flask import request
import random
import string
......@@ -14,8 +14,6 @@ import ipaddress
from socket import getfqdn
from uuid import uuid4
import subprocess
import os
import hashlib
import config
......@@ -265,9 +263,3 @@ def get_max_page_length_exp(objects):
def get_internal_filename(protocol, document, filename):
return "{}-{}-{}".format(,, filename)
def get_csrf_token():
if "_csrf" not in session:
session["_csrf"] = hashlib.sha1(os.urandom(64)).hexdigest()
return session["_csrf"]
from flask import Markup, url_for
from shared import date_filter, datetime_filter, time_filter, current_user
from utils import get_csrf_token
from common.csrf import get_csrf_token
import config
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