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[KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher]
Switch to Next Keyboard Layout=Ctrl+Alt+K,Ctrl+Alt+K,Switch to Next Keyboard Layout
_k_friendly_name=KDE Keyboard Layout Switcher

Decrease Keyboard Brightness=Keyboard Brightness Down,Keyboard Brightness Down,Decrease Keyboard Brightness
Decrease Screen Brightness=Monitor Brightness Down,Monitor Brightness Down,Decrease Screen Brightness
Increase Keyboard Brightness=Keyboard Brightness Up,Keyboard Brightness Up,Increase Keyboard Brightness
Increase Screen Brightness=Monitor Brightness Up,Monitor Brightness Up,Increase Screen Brightness
PowerOff=Power Off,Power Off,
Toggle Keyboard Backlight=Keyboard Light On/Off,Keyboard Light On/Off,Toggle Keyboard Backlight
_k_friendly_name=KDE Daemon
display=Display,Display,Switch Display

{1a12db4a-bb9f-469c-bb05-e59c5a8a374d}=none,none,New Action
{4f187baa-bed0-46dc-abba-fc8e99c221e8}=Meta+Return,none,Start Konsole
{70fd93c3-f51c-4fd7-b9dd-bdbd1e9d9daf}=none,none,New Action
{86cbd6be-d8bb-4dce-b3ad-2f25d77bec6a}=none,none,New Action
{99d9d36b-54f0-40c3-860a-d7bf5966a3f2}=Ctrl+Alt+T,none,Start Konsole
{9b56b2c0-fa2c-4218-a783-d392a7dbd780}=none,none,New Action

clipboard_action=Ctrl+Alt+X,Ctrl+Alt+X,Enable Clipboard Actions
cycleNextAction=none,none,Next History Item
cyclePrevAction=none,none,Previous History Item
edit_clipboard=none,none,Edit Contents...
repeat_action=Ctrl+Alt+R,Ctrl+Alt+R,Manually Invoke Action on Current Clipboard
show-barcode=none,none,Show Barcode...
show-on-mouse-pos=none,none,Open Klipper at Mouse Position

decrease_volume=Volume Down,Volume Down,Decrease Volume
increase_volume=Volume Up,Volume Up,Increase Volume
mute=Volume Mute,Volume Mute,Mute

PowerDevil=none,none,Run Command (runner "PowerDevil" only)
Run Command=Alt+F2,Alt+F2,Run Command
Run Command on clipboard contents=Alt+Shift+F2,Alt+Shift+F2,Run Command on clipboard contents
Show System Activity=Ctrl+Esc,Ctrl+Esc,Show System Activity
Switch User=Ctrl+Alt+Ins,Ctrl+Alt+Ins,Switch User
_k_friendly_name=Run Command Interface
bookmarks=none,none,Run Command (runner "Bookmarks" only)
desktopsessions=none,none,Run Command (runner "Desktop Sessions" only)
locations=none,none,Run Command (runner "Locations" only)
nepomuksearch=none,none,Run Command (runner "Nepomuk Desktop Search" only)
org.kde.activities=none,none,Run Command (runner "Activities" only)
org.kde.windowedwidgets=none,none,Run Command (runner "Windowed widgets" only)
recentdocuments=none,none,Run Command (runner "Recent Documents" only)
services=none,none,Run Command (runner "Applications" only)
shell=none,none,Run Command (runner "Command Line" only)
solid=none,none,Run Command (runner "Devices" only)
webshortcuts=none,none,Run Command (runner "Web Shortcuts" only)
windows=none,none,Run Command (runner "Windows" only)

Halt Without Confirmation=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+PgDown,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+PgDown,Halt Without Confirmation
Lock Session=Screensaver,Ctrl+Alt+L,Lock Session
Log Out=Ctrl+Alt+Del,Ctrl+Alt+Del,Log Out
Log Out Without Confirmation=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Del,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Del,Log Out Without Confirmation
Reboot Without Confirmation=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+PgUp,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+PgUp,Reboot Without Confirmation
_k_friendly_name=The KDE Session Manager

Activate Window Demanding Attention=Ctrl+Alt+A,Ctrl+Alt+A,Activate Window Demanding Attention
Decrease Opacity=none,none,Decrease Opacity of Active Window by 5 %
Expose=Ctrl+F9,Ctrl+F9,Toggle Present Windows (Current desktop)
ExposeAll=Ctrl+F10,Ctrl+F10,Toggle Present Windows (All desktops)
ExposeClass=Ctrl+F7,Ctrl+F7,Toggle Present Windows (Window class)
Increase Opacity=none,none,Increase Opacity of Active Window by 5 %
Invert Screen Colors=none,none,Invert Screen Colors
Kill Window=Ctrl+Alt+Esc,Ctrl+Alt+Esc,Kill Window
MoveMouseToCenter=Meta+F6,Meta+F6,Move Mouse to Center
MoveMouseToFocus=Meta+F5,Meta+F5,Move Mouse to Focus
MoveZoomDown=Meta+Down,Meta+Down,Move Zoomed Area Downwards
MoveZoomLeft=Meta+Left,Meta+Left,Move Zoomed Area to Left
MoveZoomRight=Meta+Right,Meta+Right,Move Zoomed Area to Right
MoveZoomUp=Meta+Up,Meta+Up,Move Zoomed Area Upwards
Remove Window From Group=none,none,Remove Window From Group
Setup Window Shortcut=none,none,Setup Window Shortcut
Show Desktop=none,none,Show Desktop
ShowDesktopGrid=Ctrl+F8,Ctrl+F8,Show Desktop Grid
Suspend Compositing=Alt+Shift+F12,Alt+Shift+F12,Suspend Compositing
Switch One Desktop Down=none,none,Switch One Desktop Down
Switch One Desktop Up=none,none,Switch One Desktop Up
Switch One Desktop to the Left=Ctrl+Alt+Left,none,Switch One Desktop to the Left
Switch One Desktop to the Right=Ctrl+Alt+Right,none,Switch One Desktop to the Right
Switch Window Down=Meta+Alt+Down,Meta+Alt+Down,Switch to Window Below
Switch Window Left=Meta+Alt+Left,Meta+Alt+Left,Switch to Window to the Left
Switch Window Right=Meta+Alt+Right,Meta+Alt+Right,Switch to Window to the Right
Switch Window Up=Meta+Alt+Up,Meta+Alt+Up,Switch to Window Above
Switch to Desktop 1=Ctrl+F1,Ctrl+F1,Switch to Desktop 1
Switch to Desktop 10=none,none,Switch to Desktop 10
Switch to Desktop 11=none,none,Switch to Desktop 11
Switch to Desktop 12=none,none,Switch to Desktop 12
Switch to Desktop 13=none,none,Switch to Desktop 13
Switch to Desktop 14=none,none,Switch to Desktop 14
Switch to Desktop 15=none,none,Switch to Desktop 15
Switch to Desktop 16=none,none,Switch to Desktop 16
Switch to Desktop 17=none,none,Switch to Desktop 17
Switch to Desktop 18=none,none,Switch to Desktop 18
Switch to Desktop 19=none,none,Switch to Desktop 19
Switch to Desktop 2=Ctrl+F2,Ctrl+F2,Switch to Desktop 2
Switch to Desktop 20=none,none,Switch to Desktop 20
Switch to Desktop 3=Ctrl+F3,Ctrl+F3,Switch to Desktop 3
Switch to Desktop 4=Ctrl+F4,Ctrl+F4,Switch to Desktop 4
Switch to Desktop 5=none,none,Switch to Desktop 5
Switch to Desktop 6=none,none,Switch to Desktop 6
Switch to Desktop 7=none,none,Switch to Desktop 7
Switch to Desktop 8=none,none,Switch to Desktop 8
Switch to Desktop 9=none,none,Switch to Desktop 9
Switch to Next Desktop=none,none,Switch to Next Desktop
Switch to Next Screen=none,none,Switch to Next Screen
Switch to Previous Desktop=none,none,Switch to Previous Desktop
Switch to Previous Screen=none,none,Switch to Previous Screen
Switch to Screen 0=none,none,Switch to Screen 0
Switch to Screen 1=none,none,Switch to Screen 1
Switch to Screen 2=none,none,Switch to Screen 2
Switch to Screen 3=none,none,Switch to Screen 3
Switch to Screen 4=none,none,Switch to Screen 4
Switch to Screen 5=none,none,Switch to Screen 5
Switch to Screen 6=none,none,Switch to Screen 6
Switch to Screen 7=none,none,Switch to Screen 7
Toggle Window Raise/Lower=none,none,Toggle Window Raise/Lower
Walk Through Desktop List=none,none,Walk Through Desktop List
Walk Through Desktop List (Reverse)=none,none,Walk Through Desktop List (Reverse)
Walk Through Desktops=none,none,Walk Through Desktops
Walk Through Desktops (Reverse)=none,none,Walk Through Desktops (Reverse)
Walk Through Window Tabs=none,none,Walk Through Window Tabs
Walk Through Window Tabs (Reverse)=none,none,Walk Through Window Tabs (Reverse)
Walk Through Windows=Alt+Tab,Alt+Tab,Walk Through Windows
Walk Through Windows (Reverse)=Alt+Shift+Backtab,Alt+Shift+Backtab,Walk Through Windows (Reverse)
Walk Through Windows Alternative=none,none,Walk Through Windows Alternative
Walk Through Windows Alternative (Reverse)=none,none,Walk Through Windows Alternative (Reverse)
Walk Through Windows of Current Application=Alt+`,Alt+`,Walk Through Windows of Current Application
Walk Through Windows of Current Application (Reverse)=Alt+~,Alt+~,Walk Through Windows of Current Application (Reverse)
Walk Through Windows of Current Application Alternative=none,none,Walk Through Windows of Current Application Alternative
Walk Through Windows of Current Application Alternative (Reverse)=none,none,Walk Through Windows of Current Application Alternative (Reverse)
Window Above Other Windows=none,none,Keep Window Above Others
Window Below Other Windows=none,none,Keep Window Below Others
Window Close=Alt+F4,Alt+F4,Close Window
Window Fullscreen=none,none,Make Window Fullscreen
Window Grow Horizontal=none,none,Pack Grow Window Horizontally
Window Grow Vertical=none,none,Pack Grow Window Vertically
Window Lower=none,none,Lower Window
Window Maximize=none,none,Maximize Window
Window Maximize Horizontal=none,none,Maximize Window Horizontally
Window Maximize Vertical=none,none,Maximize Window Vertically
Window Minimize=none,none,Minimize Window
Window Move=none,none,Move Window
Window No Border=none,none,Hide Window Border
Window On All Desktops=none,none,Keep Window on All Desktops
Window One Desktop Down=none,none,Window One Desktop Down
Window One Desktop Up=none,none,Window One Desktop Up
Window One Desktop to the Left=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left,none,Window One Desktop to the Left
Window One Desktop to the Right=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right,none,Window One Desktop to the Right
Window Operations Menu=Alt+F3,Alt+F3,Window Operations Menu
Window Pack Down=none,none,Pack Window Down
Window Pack Left=none,none,Pack Window to the Left
Window Pack Right=none,none,Pack Window to the Right
Window Pack Up=none,none,Pack Window Up
Window Quick Tile Bottom Left=none,none,Quick Tile Window to the Bottom Left
Window Quick Tile Bottom Right=none,none,Quick Tile Window to the Bottom Right
Window Quick Tile Left=none,none,Quick Tile Window to the Left
Window Quick Tile Right=none,none,Quick Tile Window to the Right
Window Quick Tile Top Left=none,none,Quick Tile Window to the Top Left
Window Quick Tile Top Right=none,none,Quick Tile Window to the Top Right
Window Raise=none,none,Raise Window
Window Resize=none,none,Resize Window
Window Shade=none,none,Shade Window
Window Shrink Horizontal=none,none,Pack Shrink Window Horizontally
Window Shrink Vertical=none,none,Pack Shrink Window Vertically
Window to Desktop 1=none,none,Window to Desktop 1
Window to Desktop 10=none,none,Window to Desktop 10
Window to Desktop 11=none,none,Window to Desktop 11
Window to Desktop 12=none,none,Window to Desktop 12
Window to Desktop 13=none,none,Window to Desktop 13
Window to Desktop 14=none,none,Window to Desktop 14
Window to Desktop 15=none,none,Window to Desktop 15
Window to Desktop 16=none,none,Window to Desktop 16
Window to Desktop 17=none,none,Window to Desktop 17
Window to Desktop 18=none,none,Window to Desktop 18
Window to Desktop 19=none,none,Window to Desktop 19
Window to Desktop 2=none,none,Window to Desktop 2
Window to Desktop 20=none,none,Window to Desktop 20
Window to Desktop 3=none,none,Window to Desktop 3
Window to Desktop 4=none,none,Window to Desktop 4
Window to Desktop 5=none,none,Window to Desktop 5
Window to Desktop 6=none,none,Window to Desktop 6
Window to Desktop 7=none,none,Window to Desktop 7
Window to Desktop 8=none,none,Window to Desktop 8
Window to Desktop 9=none,none,Window to Desktop 9
Window to Next Desktop=none,none,Window to Next Desktop
Window to Next Screen=none,none,Window to Next Screen
Window to Previous Desktop=none,none,Window to Previous Desktop
Window to Previous Screen=none,none,Window to Previous Screen
Window to Screen 0=none,none,Window to Screen 0
Window to Screen 1=none,none,Window to Screen 1
Window to Screen 2=none,none,Window to Screen 2
Window to Screen 3=none,none,Window to Screen 3
Window to Screen 4=none,none,Window to Screen 4
Window to Screen 5=none,none,Window to Screen 5
Window to Screen 6=none,none,Window to Screen 6
Window to Screen 7=none,none,Window to Screen 7
view_actual_size=Meta+0,Meta+0,Actual Size
view_zoom_in=Meta+=,Meta+=,Zoom In
view_zoom_out=Meta+-,Meta+-,Zoom Out

Next Activity=Meta+Tab,Meta+Tab,Next Activity
Previous Activity=Meta+Shift+Tab,Meta+Shift+Tab,Previous Activity
Show Dashboard=Ctrl+F12,Ctrl+F12,Show Dashboard
Stop Activity=Meta+S,Meta+S,Stop Current Activity
_k_friendly_name=Plasma Desktop Shell
activate widget 2=Meta+Space,Alt+F1,Activate Application Launcher Widget
activate widget 3=Wireless,Wireless,Activate Network Management Widget
manage activities=Meta+Q,Meta+Q,Activities...

Map to fullscreen=Meta+Ctrl+F,Meta+Ctrl+F,Map to all fullscreen
Map to screen 1=Meta+Ctrl+1,Meta+Ctrl+1,Map to screen 1
Map to screen 2=Meta+Ctrl+2,Meta+Ctrl+2,Map to screen 2
Toggle screen map selection=Meta+Ctrl+M,Meta+Ctrl+M,Toggle between all screens
Toggle stylus mode=Meta+Ctrl+S,Meta+Ctrl+S,Toggle the Stylus Tool Relative/Absolute
Toggle touch tool=Meta+Ctrl+T,Meta+Ctrl+T,Enable/Disable the Touch Tool
_k_friendly_name=Graphic Tablet Configuration daemon