Commit 6004d9ab authored by moebius/ALUG's avatar moebius/ALUG Committed by Christopher Spinrath
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GUI: Default to removable drives only

parent 666f33cc
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ class MSClonerGui(threading.Thread):
self.root.wm_title("MassStorageCloner - GPLv3 or newer (C) 2014 Martin Süfke")
FrameHead = VGridFrame(self.root, relief='raised')
self.CbRemovableOnly = VCheckbutton(master=FrameHead, text="Removable only", command=self.OnCbRemovableOnly) # selecting for the gui only, here. Run OnCbRemovableOnly() in run()
FrameContent = Tk.Frame(self.root)
FrameContDevice = Tk.Frame(FrameContent)
......@@ -133,6 +134,7 @@ class MSClonerGui(threading.Thread):
logger.debug("GUI thread built GUI")
# Activate Event system
self.ThreadNotifyQueue.SetRoot(self.root, self.ThreadNotifyCallback)
self.OnCbRemovableOnly() # update the state of the removable filter to default-on
#if not self.DoQuit:
logger.debug("Tk mainloop() ended")
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