Commit 446f74ec authored by OSAK Buildhauer's avatar OSAK Buildhauer
Browse files use grub 2.02 from old image instead of broken grub 2.04

parent 84750624
...@@ -4,8 +4,9 @@ set -e ...@@ -4,8 +4,9 @@ set -e
set -x set -x
image_size="7G" image_size="7G"
kubuntu="kubuntu-eoan-desktop-amd64.daily_2019-09-17.iso" kubuntu="kubuntu-19.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso"
xubuntu="xubuntu-eoan-desktop-amd64.daily_2019-09-17.iso" xubuntu="xubuntu-19.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso"
workspace="/workspace" workspace="/workspace"
# mtools, ddrescure, fdisk, grub, 7z # mtools, ddrescure, fdisk, grub, 7z
...@@ -18,8 +19,8 @@ rsync -av /usr/share/grub/themes "$workspace/part_files"/grub ...@@ -18,8 +19,8 @@ rsync -av /usr/share/grub/themes "$workspace/part_files"/grub
mkdir -p "$workspace/part_files"/grub/fonts/ mkdir -p "$workspace/part_files"/grub/fonts/
rsync -av /usr/share/grub/unicode.pf2 "$workspace/part_files"/grub/fonts/ rsync -av /usr/share/grub/unicode.pf2 "$workspace/part_files"/grub/fonts/
7z x "$kubuntu" -o"$workspace/part_files" EFI/ 7z x "$old_buntu" -o"$workspace/part_files" EFI/
7z x "$kubuntu" -o"$workspace/part_files" boot/grub/x86_64-efi 7z x "$old_buntu" -o"$workspace/part_files" boot/grub/x86_64-efi
mv "$workspace/part_files"/grub/* "$workspace/part_files"/boot/grub/ mv "$workspace/part_files"/grub/* "$workspace/part_files"/boot/grub/
rm -rf "$workspace/part_files"/grub rm -rf "$workspace/part_files"/grub
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