Commit 786f3735 authored by Christopher Spinrath's avatar Christopher Spinrath

grub.cfg: load ful-featured grub from /efi/boot/grubx64-unsigned.efi

Previously, the location was /efi/grub/grubx64.efi (and is still
used as fallback to be compatible with old images). However, recent
versions of lipck use more unified bootloader locations (for historical
reasons the same bootloaders were installed into several places).
parent ed175275
......@@ -176,8 +176,13 @@ menuentry "Tool: EFI-Shell" {
menuentry "Chainload full featured grubx64.efi" {
echo "Chainloading /EFI/grub/grubx64.efi"
chainloader /EFI/grub/grubx64.efi
if [ -f /EFI/boot/grubx64-unsigned.efi ]; then
echo "Chainloading /EFI/boot/grubx64-unsigned.efi"
chainloader /EFI/boot/grubx64-unsigned.efi
echo "Chainloading /EFI/grub/grubx64.efi"
chainloader /EFI/grub/grubx64.efi
menuentry "Tool: System-Firmware" {
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