Commit a8524d89 authored by Christopher Spinrath's avatar Christopher Spinrath
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roofts_remaster: fix copying of static etc/ files

parent 4d3bf009
......@@ -120,13 +120,13 @@ function install_kde_defaults()
function copy_modprobe_d()
cp -r "$SCRIPT_DIR/contrib/modprobe.d/" "/etc/modprobe.d/"
cp "$SCRIPT_DIR/contrib/modprobe.d/"* "/etc/modprobe.d/"
update-initramfs -u
function copy_sysctl_d()
cp -r "$SCRIPT_DIR/contrib/sysctl.d/" "/etc/sysctl.d/"
cp "$SCRIPT_DIR/contrib/sysctl.d/"* "/etc/sysctl.d/"
function hold_packages()
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