Commit 3a3337c6 authored by osak buildhauer user's avatar osak buildhauer user Committed by Christopher Spinrath
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Fixed offline repo build script (syntax error + new debug output)

parent 84006e4c
......@@ -58,7 +58,10 @@ echo "ok."
echo "hey apt - which packages do we need (and where do we get them)?"
PKG_URLS=$(apt-get install --reinstall --print-uris -qq $PKG_LIST | cut -d"'" -f2)
PKG_URLS=$PKG_URLS $(get_packages_from_file "$CONTRIB_DIR/offline_repo_packages.manualurls")
echo "package urls:"
echo "$PKG_URLS"
PKG_URLS="$PKG_URLS $(get_packages_from_file "$CONTRIB_DIR/offline_repo_packages.manualurls")"
echo "downloading archives. this may take some time..."
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